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Current Nuclear Projects

This list is based on publicly available information.


The Global Nuclear Future Initiative provides a comprehensive approach to discussing and developing ideas to limit the security and proliferation risks raised by a rapidly changing nuclear world. The Academy seeks to guide domestic and international policy-makers as they work to balance the pursuit of a national nuclear energy program with potential safety, security, and economic concerns.

Featured Publications

Multinational Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel and Other High-Level Nuclear Waste: A Roadmap for Moving Forward seeks to develop a legal pathway for the creation of a multilateral interim storage facility, exploring both legal and political challenges to implementation.

Read more and purchase this publication.

Insider Threats uses case studies from across a range of industries to identify lessons learned from past mistakes and the biases that lead organizations to downplay insider threats.

Read more and purchase this publication.

Governance of Dual-Use Technologies: Theory and Practice examines governance structures for reducing the risks posed by dual-use technologies (e.g., nuclear, biological, and information technologies).

Read more and download this publication.

Nuclear Liability: A Key Component of the Public Policy Decision to Deploy Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia provides a comprehensive, empirically rich analysis of the historical evolution of the nuclear liability regime currently in force and outlines the steps necessary for the adoption of a regional nuclear liability regime in Southeast Asia.

Read more and download this publication.

Additional Publications

  • “Preventing Insider Theft: Lessons from the Casino and Pharmaceutical Industries,” Matthew Bunn and Kathryn M. Glynn. Journal of Nuclear Materials Management, Volume 41, Issue 3 (2013)
  • Leadership and the Future of Nuclear Energy, the report from an Academy workshop in Chicago, Illinois, June 9–10, 2011. Download this publication.
  • Nuclear Energy in the Middle East, the report and recommendations from an Academy conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, December 13–15, 2009. Download this publication.

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