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Visiting Scholars Program

The Board of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences has approved a set of changes to the Visiting Scholars Program. The most significant of these changes are that the fellowship will be a two-year postdoctoral fellowship, with four awards made each year, and that a mentorship program will pair each Visiting Scholar with an Academy Fellow who is an expert in a similar field of study. In order to focus the program on scholars at the postdoctoral level, the Visiting Scholar fellowships for junior faculty will be discontinued.

Given these changes, the Visiting Scholars Program will take a one-year hiatus for the 2017–2018 cycle to allow the current Visiting Scholars to complete their fellowships under the current model. We will not be accepting applications in the Fall of 2016. We will accept applications for the next cycle starting in the Fall of 2017.

The Academy’s Visiting Scholars Program provides residential fellowships to postdoctoral scholars in the humanities and social sciences. The fellowship program offers a collaborative work environment and the opportunity to interact with Academy members. It also creates a national network for these scholars, assisting them in their research and professional development.

Housed at the headquarters of the Academy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Visiting Scholars participate in Academy-sponsored conferences, seminars, and informal gatherings while advancing their scholarly research. The Academy provides office space and computer services as well as library privileges in cooperation with the Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University.

Learn more about the program: A View of the Visiting Scholars by Patricia Meyer Spacks.

Starting in Fall 2017, the fellowships will be open only to postdoctoral scholars. The stipend level will be $60,000/year, for a two-year fellowship.

Nearly 60 academic institutions from across the country have become Affiliates of the American Academy, supporting the Visiting Scholars Program and participating in Academy studies on higher education.