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Artist Discusses Human Anatomy at Academy


Press Release

Architect, author, and illustrator David Macaulay has depicted complicated structures like cathedrals, mosques, and pyramids in the pen-and-ink drawings of his architectural books. He also wrote and illustrated The Way Things Work, which illuminates the history of machines, from the simplicity of the lever to the complexity of the Internet. In his latest book, The Way We Work, Macaulay chronicles the organs and systems of the most intricate machine of all: the human body.

On May 8, 2009, Macaulay gave a talk at the Academy, “Where Your Lunch is Heading,” which colorfully illustrated the structures and components of the human body’s digestive system. Portraying the body as a “theme park” of organs, Macaulay guides readers on a tour through the body’s anatomy, showing the relationship between its complex structures and their functions.


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