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Home > Publications > Research Papers > > Appendix B: Summary of Liability Limits by Country
Nuclear Liability: A Key Component of the Public Policy Decision to Deploy Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia

Appendix B: Summary of Liability Limits by Country

Country Operator Liability
Government Liability
United States $11,900 Unlimited Price-Anderson Act (1957)
France $861 $300 Atomic Energy Act (1960)
Japan Unlimited Unlimited Law on Compensation for Nuclear Damage and Law on Contract for Liability Insurance for Nuclear Damage (1961, amended 2009)
Russia Not specified Unlimited Federal Law on the Use of Atomic Energy (1995, amended 2010)
Canada $73 No limit specified Nuclear Liability Act (1985)
United Kingdom $224 (approx.) $481 (approx.) Nuclear Installations Act (1965)
Germany Unlimited $2,500 Act on the Peaceful Utilization of Atomic Energy and the Protection against Its Hazards (1959, amended 2010)
India $330 $462 (can be increased by a government notification) The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damages Act (2010)
United Arab Emirates $694 No limit specified Federal Law by Decree No. 4 of 2012
Malaysia $16 (approx.) No limit specified Atomic Energy Licensing Act (1984)
Indonesia $91 (approx.) No limit specified Act No. 10 (1997)