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Home > Publications > Dædalus > Stewarding America: Civic Institutions and the Public Good
American Democracy & the Common Good

Dædalus, Spring 2013

American Democracy & the Common Good

Published by MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2013

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Table of Contents

 Leslie C. Berlowitz

 Norman J. Ornstein

The Common Good: Theoretical Content, Practical Utility
 William A.Galston

Finding the Common Good in an Era of Dysfunctional Governance
 Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein

Can the Judicial Branch be a Steward in a Polarized Democracy?
 Jeffrey Rosen

The Supreme Court in the 21st Century
 Geoffrey R. Stone

The Origins & Lessons of Public Confidence in the Military
 Andrew A. Hill, Leonard Wong and Stephen J. Gerras

The Challenges Facing Civic Education
 Kathleen Hall Jamieson

The Case for Transcending Partisanship
 Mickey Edwards

Citizens United: Robbing Americas of Its Democratic Idealism
 Jim Leach

The American Corporation
 Ralph Gomory and Richard Sylla

Unions & Civic Engagement: How the Assault on Labor Endangers Civil Society
 Andy Stern

Philanthropy & the Nonprofit Sector
 Peter Dobkin Hall

Reluctant Stewards: Journalism in a Democratic Society
 Michael Schudson

The Argument Culture
 Deborah Tannen

Compromise & the Common Good
 Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson

Reestablishing the Commons for the Common Good
 Howard Gardner

The Democratic Spirit
 Kwame Anthony Appiah

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