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Home > Publications > Dædalus > On the American Narrative
On the American Narrative

Dædalus, Winter 2012

On the American Narrative

Published by MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2012

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Table of Contents

 Denis Donoghue

Is There an American Narrative & What Is It?
 William H. Chafe

America's Constitutional Narrative
 Laurence H. Tribe

Narratives of the Constitutional Covenant
 Peter Brooks

The American Mythos
 Jay Parini

On Western Waters: Anglo-American Nonfictional Narrative in the Nineteenth Century
 Rolena Adorno

The Accommodation of Protestant Christianity with the Enlightenment
 David A. Hollinger

Why Diamonds Really are a Girl's Best Friend
 Linda K. Kerber

Exceptionalism's Exceptions: The Changing American Narrative
 David Levering Lewis

Narrative C
 E. L. Doctorow

 Gish Jen

The Other Case
 Michael Wood

Southern Literature: A Blending of Oral, Visual & Musical Voices
 William Ferris

Death Comes to the Broadway Musical
 Charlotte Greenspan

On the Mountain & Otolith
Lavinia Greenlaw

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