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Home > Publications > Dædalus > On the Global Nuclear Future, Vol. 1
On the Global Nuclear Future, Vol. 1

Dædalus, Fall 2009

On the Global Nuclear Future, Vol. 1

Published by MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2009

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Table of Contents

Nuclear power without nuclear proliferation
 Steven E. Miller and Scott D. Sagan

The growth of nuclear power: drivers & constraints
 Richard K. Lester and Robert Rosner

Nuclear energy & climate change
 Robert H. Socolow and Alexander Glaser

The economic future of nuclear power
 Paul L. Joskow and John E. Parsons

A skeptic's view of nuclear energy
 Harold A. Feiveson

Nuclear energy in developing countries
 Jose Goldemberg

Nuclear power in a carbon-constrained world
 John W. Rowe

The nuclear renaissance: an opportunity to enhance the culture of nonproliferation
 Anne Lauvergeon

The global nuclear safety regime
 Richard A. Meserve

Reducing the greatest risks of nuclear theft & terrorism
 Matthew Bunn

A world without nuclear weapons?
 Thomas C. Schelling

The minimum deterrent & beyond
 Paul Doty

Toward a nuclear-weapons-free world
 Sverre Lodgaard

A world free of nuclear weapons
 Sam Nunn

Shared responsibilities for nuclear disarmament
 Scott D. Sagan

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