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Academy Data Forum

The Data Forum provides a neutral space for Academy Fellows, guest writers, and staff to discuss the data that informs all of the Academy’s program areas: the Humanities, Arts, and Education; Science, Engineering and Technology; Global Security and International Affairs; and American Institutions and the Public Good. Each entry includes commentary from invited experts as well as a moderated public discussion.

The Humanities, Arts, and Education

Testing College Readiness in the Humanities

Average high school student test scores on the SAT critical reading and writing exams fell to historic lows last year, but does that signal a decline or shift in student skills? A record number of s More...

Ongoing Weakness in the Academic Job Market for Humanities

Across the humanities, the number of job ads posted with disciplinary societies remains well below pre-recession levels.1 In reports published within the past year, every society reported that job a More...

Advancing Research on Humanities Education in the Nation’s Community Colleges

Given growing national attention to community collegesparticularly to the professional and vocational training they providethe Humanities Indicators convened 22 experts to discuss how to measure the More...

Toward Bilingualism, Biculturalism, and Achievement: Growth in Language Learning Via Two-Way Immersion

A growing number of school districts are turning to two-way-immersion (TWI) language programs as a means of meeting a host of challenges, including closing the racial achievement gap, stemming the t More...

New Findings on Administrators and the Composition of Humanities Departments

What is the relationship between the gender and disciplinary background of senior administrators and the composition of the faculty at their institutions? Ron Ehrenberg (Cornell Univ.), an economist More...

How Does Gender Affect the Careers of Humanities Majors?

Last week, the Humanities Indicators published new reports on the effects of gender on the earnings and occupations of humanities majors. Among the key findings: The gender gap i More...

Looking Beyond Earnings as a Measure of the Humanities

At a time of rising college debt and efforts to assign value to a college education in dollars, the humanities often find themselves on the defensive. In an effort to clarify these i More...

Rediscovering the Vitality of the Humanities Not-for-Profit Sector

Most Americans have been touched by private not-for-profit humanities organizations, either knowingly or unknowingly. If an American has enjoyed a Fourth of July parade sponsored by More...

Are Certifications and Degrees Sufficient Measures of Teacher Qualification?

After the Humanities Indicators released reports on teacher qualifications at the middle and high school levels last week, responses on social media and the blogosphere tended to tak More...

What Do Changes in the Intended Majors of College-Bound Seniors Portend for the Humanities?

Worries about the declining number of college students majoring in the humanities have become a recurring theme in recent articles and reports from several four-year institutions.1 T More...

A Check-up on the Health of the Humanities in Higher Education

The health of the humanities in higher education has been a topic of considerable discussion since the Academy issued The Heart of the Matter in 2013. To provide some cont More...

A Question for Study:
What Are the Humanities Good For?

On November 14, 2014, in Washington, DC, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with Phi Beta Kappa and the National Humanities Alliance, convened twenty-three exp More...

Danger Signs for the Academic Job Market in Humanities?

Each year, PhD candidates and others interested in the academic job market closely examine the employment ads posted with the scholarly societies to assess job prospects and draw bro More...

The Vitality of the Humanities in U.S. Community Colleges

For years the staff and advisors of the Humanities Indicators have recognized that community colleges represent a critical area of humanities studies in higher education. We know, fo More...

How Long to the Humanities PhD?

Obtaining a doctoral degree in any field involves a significant investment of time, energy, and resources. In recent years, reformers in the humanities have focused on decreasing tim More...

Slicing the Pie: Explaining the Distribution of Funds at NEH

In response to the Academy’s recent report, The State of the Humanities: Funding 2014, Humanities Indicators staff received a number of questions about the distribution of funding to part More...

Enclosed in a College Major? Variations in Course-taking among the Fields

One of the recurring questions the Humanities Indicators receives concerns the extent to which students are engaging with the humanities as undergraduates—a subject for which there i More...

Foundation Funding to the Humanities Fell During Recession

Preliminary data from the Foundation Center shows that the one thousand largest private and community foundations in the country gave $416 million for humanities-related activities in 2012 – 18 pe More...

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