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1986th Stated Meeting
A Celebration of the Arts and Humanities

Louis W. Cabot
Chair of the Board and Chair of the Trust,
American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Call to Order

Leslie Cohen Berlowitz
President and William T. Golden Chair,
American Academy of Arts & Sciences


Gerald Early
Chair of the Academy Council;
Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters,
Director of the Center for the Humanities,
Washington University in St. Louis


Thomas Mallon
Novelist and Critic;
Director of the Creative Writing Program,
The George Washington University

Gerald Stern
Poet and Essayist;
Distinguished Poet-in-Residence in the M.F.A. Program in Poetry,
Caspersen School of Graduate Studies, Drew University

Daniel Mendelsohn
Writer, Critic, Essayist, and Translator

At Work

Christopher Wheeldon


Scott Russell Sanders
Novelist and Essayist;
Distinguished Professor of English, Emeritus,
Indiana University

Rachel Hadas
Poet, Essayist, and Translator;
Board of Governors Professor of English,
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Sven Birkerts
Essayist and Literary Critic;
Director of the Bennington Writing Seminars,
Bennington College

Christopher Benfey
Essayist and Critic;
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of English,
Mount Holyoke College

At Work

Jerry Pinkney
Artist and Illustrator

100th Anniversary Tributes
Julia Child

Rachel Hadas

May Sarton

Denis Donoghue, University Professor and Henry James Professor of English and American Letters,
New York University

Celebrating the Music of Academy Fellows
André Previn:
     Interlude from Sonata for
     Clarinet and Piano (2010)

Leonard Bernstein:
     Sonata for Clarinet and Piano
     (1941–42), Movement II

Yehudi Wyner
Professor Emeritus of Composition, Brandeis University


Richard Stoltzman
Faculty Member, New England Conservatory of Music

1987th Stated Meeting
Induction Ceremony

Louis W. Cabot, Chair of the Board of the Academy

Call to Order

Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, President of the Academy


Daniel Day-Lewis

Traditions of Membership

Jerrold Meinwald, Secretary of the Academy

From the Letters of John and Abigail Adams

Tom Leighton

Bonnie Berger

Induction of New Members


Arthur Gelb


Steven H. Strogatz

Induction of Class I

Tom Leighton


David D. Sabatini


Margaret J. McFall-Ngai

Induction of Class II

Emilio Bizzi


Diane P. Wood


Maureen E. Mahoney

Induction of Class III

Richard A. Meserve


Gerald Early, Chair of the Academy Council


David Blight

Induction of Class IV

Alan Alda


Don Michael Randel


Penny Pritzker

Induction of Class V

Louise H. Bryson


Eric J. Sundquist


Thomas Hampson
     with Tanya Blaich, pianist
     New England Conservatory

The Work of the Academy
Briefing on Research Projects and Studies
Welcome from Officers

Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, President
American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Jerrold Meinwald, Secretary
Cornell University

Gerald Early, Council Chair
Washington University in St. Louis

Panel I: Science Policy and Energy

Neal Lane, Council Vice Chair; moderator
Rice University

Challenges and Opportunities for Science and Technology

Subra Suresh, Director
National Science Foundation


Keith Yamamoto,
University of California, San Francisco

Venkatesh Narayanamurti,
Harvard University

The Alternative Energy Future

Robert W. Fri,
Resources for the Future

The Global Nuclear Future

Richard A. Meserve, moderator
Carnegie Institution for Science

Scott D. Sagan,
Stanford University

Steven E. Miller,
Harvard Kennedy School

Robert Rosner,
University of Chicago

Panel II: Humanities & Social Policy

Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, moderator

Challenges and Opportunities for the Humanities

Don Michael Randel, President
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Commission on the Humanities & Social Sciences

Gerald Early

Carolyn “Biddy” Martin
Amherst College

Karl Eikenberry
Stanford University
Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan

Philip Bredesen
Former Governor of Tennessee

Stewarding America: National Institutions & Civic Engagement

Norman J. Ornstein
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Richard E. Sylla
New York University Stern School of Business

Michael Schudson
Columbia University

Stewarding Democracy
American Institutions and the Public Good
Welcome and Call to Order

Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, President of the Academy

Democracy and a Civil Society

Jim Leach
Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities


Norman J. Ornstein, moderator
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

On the Courts

Diane P. Wood,
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

On Diplomacy and the Military

Karl Eikenberry,
Stanford University; former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan

On Government

Philip Bredesen Former Governor of Tennessee

On Print and Online Journalism

Martin Baron The Boston Globe

On Broadcast Journalism

Judy Woodruff PBS NewsHour

On Journalism and Education

Alex S. Jones
Harvard Kennedy School