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Applying Behavioral Strategies to Energy Decisions and Behaviors

Pace Law School
White Plains, New York

June 18 - 19, 2014

Workshop Summary

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Marsha Walton, Senior Project Manager, Buildings R&D and Behavior Research, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
Maxine L. Savitz, Vice President, National Academy of Engineering; General Manager, Honeywell, Inc., retired; Co-chair, Alternative Energy Future project, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Richard Ottinger, Founder, Pace Energy and Climate Center; Dean Emeritus, Pace University Law School; former Congressman (D-NY)

Keynote Talks

Watch the Video

Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez, Principal, Human Dimensions Research: The Efficiency Gap and Potential of Behavioral Strategies - Slides
Susan Mazur-Stommen, Director, Behavior and Human Dimensions Program, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy: Examples of Behavioral Utility Programs - Slides

Panel Discussion: Designing and Evaluating Behavioral Projects

Watch the Video

Wesley Schultz, Professor of Psychology, California State University, San Marcos; Founder and Scientific Advisor, Action Research
Jennifer Tabanico, President and Cofounder, Action Research - Slides
Jane Peters, President and Owner, Research into Action - Slides

Panel Discussion: Results from Clean Energy Programs that Have Used Behavioral Strategies

Lupe Jimenez: Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s SmartPricing Options Pilot - Slides
Briana Kane: Applying Behavioral Strategies to Energy Decisions and Behaviors - Slides
Annika Todd: From Academic Research Insights to Energy Program Results - Slides

Preliminary Results from New Research Programs - Round 1

Marcos Pelenur, Head of Energy & Sustainability, UK Behavioural Insights Team: Applying behavioural insights to energy use in the UK: lessons from the field
Sébastien Houde, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Maryland: Information, framing and the adoption of energy-intensive durables - Slides
Easan Drury, Senior Engineer, Strategic Energy Analysis Center, National Renewable Energy Laboratory: Running randomized controlled experiments to better understand household-level motivations for adopting rooftop solar panels
Varun Rai, Assistant Professor of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin: Connecting the dots between theory, simulation, and experiments - Slides

Preliminary Results from New Research Programs – Round 2

Thomas Dietz - Moderator: Pasteur’s Quadrant: Use inspired research that contributes to fundamental knowledge:
Constantine Kontokosta, Deputy Director, Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP), New York University: Modeling, predicting, and influencing energy behavior in commercial tenants and homeowners: an overview of two current research initiatives
Edy Moulton, Research Coordinator, Columbia University: Building better infrastructure through choice architecture: A SUSSTAIN collaboration - Slides
Inês Azevedo, Associate Professor, Engineering and Public Policy and Co-Director, Center for Climate and Energy Decision-Making (CEDM), Carnegie Mellon University: Assessing the effect of an efficiency appliance rebate program on energy consumption
James Kimmel, Behavioral Scientist, ideas42: Does giving comparative fuel cost information to potential car buyers affect purchasing behavior?

Plenary Talk: Why Behavioral Strategies Need to be Included in Clean Energy Programs–And How to Do It

Anne Dougherty, Advisor and Co-Owner, Illume Advising, LLC - Slides

Poster Session

Aligning the factors that promote behavior change for programmable thermostats
Fraunhofer USA Center for Sustainable Energy Systems
J. Abreu and K. Roth

BAS Operational Effectiveness
CIUS Building Performance Lab, City University of NY
Michael Bobker, Honey Berk, and Manorge Joseph

Contractor-Led Social Marketing to Promote Energy Efficient Decisions and Behaviors in the Residential Sector
Kathryn A. Caldwell, Ithaca College; Mary Kate Wheeler and Jon Harrod, Snug Planet

Reducing Energy Consumption in the Government of Western Cape
Saugato Datta, Martine Visser, Justine Burns, Matthew Darling, Ruirui Kuang

Bridging the Gap—Engaging Households in Idaho and Eastern Washington Through a Home Energy Report Program
Avista, in partnership with Opower
Leona Doege, Demand-Side Management Program Manager and Jon Powell, Partnership Solutions Manager and Mike Whittier, Client Solutions Executive, Opower

Shifting the participation threshold: How leveraging Connected Mavens in a community can spur behavior change
Research Into Action
Alexandra Dunn, Dulane Moran and Jane Peters

The Influence of Novel Behavioral Strategies in Promoting the Diffusion of Solar Energy
Solar Evolution and Diffusion Studies (SEEDS)
Kenneth Gillingham, Yale University; Prof. Bryan Bollinger, New York University

Design of Social and Economic Incentives and Information Campaigns to Promote Solar Technology Diffusion Through Data-Driven Behavior Modeling
Sandia National Labs
Kiran Lakkaraju (Sandia National Labs) and Eugene Vorobeychik (Vanderbilt University)
Team: California Center for Sustainable Energy, National Renewable Energy Lab, University of Pennsylvania — Wharton School of Business, Vanderbilt University

Behavioral Demonstrations Program
James Mannarino and Sophie Cardona

Vermont Home Energy Challenge
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Paul Markowitz

Price Saliency and Social Comparisons as Policy Instruments to Encourage Energy Conservation: Evidence from a Field Experiment"
Jose A. Pellerano, Universidad Iberoamericana; Michael K. Price, Georgia State University; Steven L. Puller, Texas A&M University; Gonzalo E. Sanchez, Texas A&M University

Investigating Opportunities for Improving Building Performance through Simulation of Building Occupancy and Occupant Behavior
Rutgers Center for Green Building.
Handi Chandra Putra, Clinton Andrews, MaryAnn Sorensen Allacci, Jennifer Senick, Deborah Plotnik

The Smart Housing Project: Motivating Resource Conservation through Real-Time Feedback & Education
Clarkson University
Amanda Sherman, Mark Bayer, Alan Schay, Lisa Legault, Stephen Bird, and Susan Powers

Social Marketing to Install Energy Efficient Lighting
Sara Silverstone, Behavior Research Institute; Marcie Desrochers, The College at Brockport – SUNY; Tal Eyal & Aaron Mehta, FSEnergy

Filling Gaps in Research and Moving Ahead in Ithaca / Tompkins County
Skumatz Economic Research Associates (SERA)
Lisa A. Skumatz

Dynamic messaging to increase use of light switches
Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Jeremy Snyder, Mark Rea, and Michael Kalsher

Encouraging residential selection of renewable energy suppliers.
Pennsylvania State University
Janet K. Swim and Senior Capstone Psychology Class

Computer Power Management by Municipal Employees: A Multi-Agency Community-Based Social Marketing Pilot
Action Research
Jennifer J. Tabanico (Action Research), Jill Boone (Santa Clara County, CA),
Lori Brown Large (Action Research), & Julia Parzen (Urban Sustainability Directors Network)

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