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Past Visiting Scholars (2015–2016)

Joy Marie Lisi Rankin, History of Science (Post-Doc); Doctoral degree: History, Yale University; Current affiliation: PhD Candidate, Yale University; Project title: “Becoming Digital: How 1960s Users Created the Computing Age.”

Merve Gul Emre, Literature (Post-Doc); Doctoral degree: English, Yale University; Current affiliation: PhD Candidate, Yale University; Project title: “Paraliterary Institutions.”

Katherine Marie Marino, History (Junior Faculty); Doctoral degree: American History, Stanford University; Current affiliation: Assistant Professor, Departments of History and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality, Ohio State University; Project title: “La Vanguardia Feminista: Pan-American Feminism and the Rise of International Women’s Rights, 1915-1946.”

Rachel Ann Wise, Literature (Post-Doc); Doctoral degree: American Literature, University of Texas, Austin; Current affiliation: Presidential Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas, Austin; Project title: “Losing Appalachia: Literature, Material Culture, and the Fate of Regional Writing.”

Lukas Rieppel, History of Science (Junior Faculty); Doctoral degree: History of Science, Harvard University; Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of History, Brown University; Project title: “Assembling the Dinosaur: Science, Museums, and American Capitalism, 1870-1930.”

Rachel M Guberman, History (Post-Doc); Doctoral degree: History, University of Pennsylvania; Current affiliation: PhD Candidate, University of Pennsylvania; Project title: “The Real Silent Majority: Denver and the Realignment of American Politics after the Sixties.”

Les Beldo, Anthropology (Post-Doc); Doctoral degree: Comparative Human Development, University of Chicago; Current affiliation: Part-Time Lecturer, University of Chicago; Project title: “Makah Whaling: An Ethnography of Conflict.”

Emily Alyssa Owens, History (Post-Doc); Doctoral degree: African American Studies, Harvard University; Current affiliation: PhD Candidate, Teaching Fellow, African and African American Studies, Harvard University; Project title: “Fantasies of Consent: Black Women's Sexual Labor in 19th Century New Orleans.”

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