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Past Meetings and Events - 2001

December 2001

December 10, 2001
American Academy Scrutinizes "Just War" Doctrine
Location: House of the Academy
J. Bryan Hehir and Roy Mottahedeh
Click here for a transcript of this event.

November 2001

November 28, 2001
1852nd Stated Meeting - New York, NY
A Conversation with the Presidents
Lee C. Bollinger (Columbia University), John Sexton (New York University)
November 3, 2001
1850th Stated Meeting - Monterey, CA
Engineering the Ocean
Location: Monterey Bay Aquarium
Marcia K. McNutt (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute)

October 2001

October 13, 2001
1848th Stated Meeting - Cambridge, MA
National Induction Ceremony

May 2001

May 9, 2001
Annual Meeting - Cambridge, MA
Race in America: Looking Back, Looking Forward
John Hope Franklin (Duke University)
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (Harvard University)

April 2001

April 11, 2001
1846th Stated Meeting
The Changing Climate for Nuclear Power in the United States
Richard A. Meserve (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
Ernest Moniz (MIT)

March 2001

March 19, 2001
1845th Stated Meeting - New York
Challenges in a New Century: The Engaged Intellectual
March 14, 2001
1844th Stated Meeting - Cambridge, MA
The Physicist as Novelist
Alan Lightman (MIT)
March 3, 2001
Chinese Art and Authenticity
1843rd Stated Meeting
Location: Western Center
James Cahill (University of California, Berkeley)

February 2001

February 14, 2001
1842nd Stated Meeting - Cambridge, MA
The New Economy and Racial Inequality
William Julius Wilson (Harvard University)

January 2001

January 10, 2001
1841st Stated Meeting - Cambridge, MA
Census 2000 and the Fuzzy Boundary Separating Politics and Science
Kenneth Prewitt (US Census Bureau)

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