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Past Meetings and Events - 1999

December 1999

December 8, 1999
1829th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The New Brain Science and Early Childhood
Howard Gardner

November 1999

November 10, 1999
1828th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
Imaging the Neural Correlates of Consciousness

November 6, 1999
1827th Stated Meeting - La Jolla (California)
Immigration: Proposition 187, Five Years Later
Ruth S. Adams, Frank D. Bean, Leo R. Chavez, and Min Zhou

October 1999

October 23, 1999
1826th Stated Meeting - Chicago
Gut Reactions: How Caterpillars Eat Plants
May Berenbaum

October 14-15, 1999
Conference - Chicago
Terrorism and Business

October 2, 1999
1825th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
National Induction Ceremony

May 1999

May 12, 1999
1824th Stated Meeting, Annual Meeting - Cambridge
An Evening of Poetry
Galway Kinnell, Rosanna Warren, and Gerald Holton

April 1999

April 14, 1999
1823rd Stated Meeting - Cambridge
Managing in the New Global Capital Market
Lawrence Summers

March 1999

March 31, 1999
1822nd Stated Meeting - Research Triangle Park
How to Organize a Rich and Successful Group
Jared Diamond

March 20, 1999
1821st Stated Meeting
The Impeachment: A Review
Location: Western Center
Jesse H. Choper, Vikram D. Amar, Nelson W. Polsby, and Deborah L. Rohde

March 10, 1999
1820th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The Best-Laid Plans of Mice for Men and Women
Judah Folkman and Phillip A. Sharp

February 1999

February 10, 1999
1819th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
Cross-Difference Friendships: A Mirror on American Culture
Johnnetta Cole and Mary Marples Dunn

January 1999

January 13, 1999
1818th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The Problem of Biological Weapons
Matthew Meselson and Carl Kaysen

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