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Past Meetings and Events - 1998

December 1998

December 9, 1998
1817th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The Responsibility of the Scientist
John C. Polanyi

November 1998

November 14, 1998
1816th Stated Meeting
A Day at the Getty Center
Location: Western Center
Michael Palladino and John Walsh

November 11, 1998
1815th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Writer
Aharon Applefeld and Leslie Epstein

October 1998

October 31, 1998
1814th Stated Meeting
Free Speech at the End of the Century
Location: Midwest Center
Lee C. Bollinger and Robyn Meredith

October 3, 1998
1813th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
National Induction Ceremony

May 1998

May 13, 1998
1812th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The Art of Making Places
Robert Campbell and Nathan Glazer

May 9, 1998
1811th Stated Meeting - Los Angeles
Censorship and Silencing; Practices of Cultural Regulation
Robert C. Post and Kenneth L. Carst

April 1998

April 8, 1998
1810th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
Composed, Just Not Written: On Mozart's Creative Process
Christoph Wolff and Jaroslav Pelikan

March 1998

March 11, 1998
1809th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
What Can Be A Scientific Object? Reflections on Monsters and Meteors
Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison

February 1998

February 11, 1998
1808th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
The Work of the Supreme Court
Stephen G. Breyer and Charles Fried

January 1998

January 14, 1998
1807th Stated Meeting - Cambridge
Is the Family Obsolete?
Leon Eisenberg and Felton E. Earls

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