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The Seal of the Academy

Minerva Seal As described in the original statutes of 1780, the principal figure in the Academy’s seal is Minerva. Like her Greek counterpart Athena, Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, science and trade, and the arts. Her temple on the Aventine Hill was a meeting place for skilled craftsman, writers, and actors. She is also depicted as a warrior, a symbol appropriate for an organization created in the midst of the American Revolution.

Around Minerva are representations of the new country—on her right, a field of Indian corn, a stand of oaks, and the outline of a town; at her feet, a hoe, a plow, and a sickle; on her left a quadrant and a telescope, a ship heading for shore, and the sun completely risen above the cloud. Over the whole is the motto SUB LIBERTATE FLORENT, which suggests that arts and sciences flourish best in free states.

Our Projects

Academy projects develop new knowledge and concrete recommendations that influence both scholarship and policy-making.

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Our Members

Academy Members include more than 200 Nobel Prize laureates and 100 Pulitzer Prize winners.

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Our History

Founded during the American Revolution by John Adams, James Bowdoin, John Hancock, and other prominent contributors to the establishment of the new nation, the Academy has a rich intellectual history spanning more than 230 years.

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