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Race in the Age of Obama

Washington University in St. Louis
Friday, February 25, 2011

Click Audio or Video for individual recordings.

Gary Wihl was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in July 2009. He is the Hortense & Tobias Lewin Distinguished Professor in the Humanities in Arts and Sciences. His prior appointment was at Rice University, where he served six years as the Dean of the School of Humanities. Wihl’s research focuses on the interpretation of liberalism and constitutional change in selected 19th- and 20th-century English and American authors.
Leslie C. Berlowitz is President and the William T. Golden Chair of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is responsible for advancing the intellectual vision of the Academy and overseeing its research program, which is focused in five areas: science and technology policy; global security; social policy and American institutions; humanities and culture; and education. She has been a Fellow of the American Academy since 2004. Audio | Video (6 min.)
Gerald Early, Cochair of the Academy’s Council, is the Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters and Director of the Center for the Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis. His many publications include The Culture of Bruising: Essays on Prizefighting, Literature, and Modern American Culture (1994) and This Is Where I Came In: Black America in the 1960s (2003). He is the series editor for Best African American Fiction and Best African American Essays. He has been a Fellow of the American Academy since 1997. Audio | Video (17 min.)
Jeffrey B. Ferguson is the Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Black Studies and American Studies at Amherst College. He is the author of The Harlem Renaissance: A Brief History with Documents (2008) and The Sage of Sugar Hill: George S. Schuyler and the Harlem Renaissance (2005). His 1998 dissertation on the African American journalist George S. Schuyler was awarded the Helen Choate Bell Prize. He is a former Fellow of the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute. Audio | Video (13 min.)
Korina Jocson is an Assistant Professor of Education at Washington University in St. Louis. Her research and teaching focus on literacy, youth, and cultural studies in education. Her recent publications include “Unpacking Symbolic Creativities: Writing in School and Across Contexts,” Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies (2010); “Steering Legacies: Pedagogy, Literacy, and Social Justice in Schools,” The Urban Review (2009); and Youth Poets: Empowering Literacies In and Out of Schools (2008). Audio | Video (18 min.)
David A. Hollinger is the Preston Hotchkis Professor of American History at the University of California, Berkeley. He is the current President of the Organization of American Historians. His publications include The Humanities and the Dynamics of Inclusion Since World War II (2006), for which he served as editor, Cosmopolitanism and Solidarity: Studies in Ethnoracial, Religious, and Professional Affiliation in the United States (2006), and Postethnic America: Beyond Multiculturalism, third expanded edition (2006). He has been a Fellow of the American Academy since 1997. Audio | Video (13 min.)

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