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Science, Engineering, and Technology

Science, Engineering, and Technology

Academy projects in Science, Engineering, and Technology seek to strengthen the capacity of science and engineering to improve the human condition. This goal has never been more important for the nation or for the world. Global challenges increasingly require collaboration across disciplinary, professional, and national boundaries, while rapid advances in information processing and transmission raise new issues for both the management of scientific and technical information and for the ability of individuals and institutions to assimilate and act on new discoveries.

Drawing on the broad expertise of its membership and outside experts, Academy studies analyze the impact of advances in science, engineering, and technology and develop policy recommendations that are made available to government, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector. Activities focus on increasing public understanding of current research and technological change, and on helping society adapt effectively and make meaningful use of new scientific and technical knowledge. Areas of interest include U.S. productivity in science and engineering; public understanding of, and trust in, science, engineering, and medicine; and how the adoption of new technologies shapes, and is shaped by, societal values and individual and institutional decision-making.

Explore Our Projects in Science, Engineering, and Technology

You can review the Academy’s projects from the 1960s through today.
For a full listing, visit our project page.


The Public Face of Science

The Public Face of Science will develop new assessments of public interactions with science, technology, and medicine.

New Models for U.S. Science and Technology Policy

Studying how the nation can improve U.S. policy-making related to science and technology.

The Alternative Energy Future

Examining how social, legal, and economic factors can inhibit the adoption of new energy technologies – and how the application of social science research can help.

Challenges for International Scientific Partnerships

Developing best practices to facilitate international research collaborations.