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American Institutions and the Public Good

Since its founding, the Academy has worked to promote a “strong and virtuous” nation. Today this effort involves projects designed to advance the state of scholarship about our democracy and to develop innovative solutions to problems facing American society.

Current activities and studies focus on the role of American institutions in fostering good citizenship and a civil society. Other recent topics focus on immigration policy, the independence of the judiciary, incarceration in America, the future of the media, race and inequality, and challenges to business in the twenty-first century.

The Academy shares this research through publications, conferences, and active outreach.

Explore Our Projects in American Institutions and the Public Good

You can review the Academy’s projects from the 1950s through today.
For a full listing, visit our project page.



Stewarding America

Investigating the civic institutions that inspire and model good citizenship and proposing ways to increase public participation and confidence in these institutions.

The Lincoln Project

Exploring strategies to preserve the strength and diversity of institutions of higher education.