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Timely research and publications are central to the Academy’s mission to promote useful knowledge and advance the public good. As an independent research center, the Academy is known for multidisciplinary, nonpartisan research that provides pragmatic solutions for complex challenges.

Drawing from every field of research and professional practice, the Academy brings together scholars, artists, policy-makers, business leaders, and other experts to examine the most pressing problems facing our world. Often, the Academy’s influential studies help pioneer new fields that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

Active outreach efforts ensure that Academy findings and proposals reach policy-makers and leaders in government, higher education, business, and philanthropy. The Academy shares its research and recommendations through publications, meetings and events, and domestic and international policy forums.

The Academy conducts projects in four areas:

The Humanities, Arts,
and Education

Advocating for the humanities and arts in America and strengthening our education system.

Science, Engineering,
and Technology

Examining how new scientific knowledge and technological change can enhance U.S. productivity and public well-being.

Global Security
and International Affairs

Advancing multilateral measures to promote a safer, more secure world and to ensure a sustainable energy future.

American Institutions
and the Public Good

Fostering good citizenship and a civil society, and proposing innovative solutions for critical social problems.

Project Areas

Considerations for
Selecting Academy Studies

Project Publications

Academy projects often generate publications – from research papers and monographs to full issues of Daedalus – many of which are available to the public in full format and at no cost. Look for publications listed with each project or go to our publications page to view the range of available material.

Supporting the Next Generation

The Academy supports the next generation of scholars and policy-makers through two fellowship programs: the Visiting Scholars Program and the Hellman Fellowship in Science and Technology Policy.

Find out more or apply now.