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by Stephen Richards Graubard

Muses, Museums, and Memories

by Bonnie Pitman

The Divided House of the American Art Museum

by Neil Harris

On Museum Row: Aesthetics and the Politics of Exhibition

by Chon A. Noriega

Museum Exhibitions and the Dynamics of Dialogue

by Kathleen McLean

An Agenda for American Museums in the Twenty-First Century

by Harold Skramstad

Museums of the Future: The Impact of Technology on Museum Practices Elaine

by Maxwell L. Anderson

What is the Object of this Exercise? A Meandering Exploration of the Many Meanings of Objects in Museums

by Heumann Gurian

Museums as Centers of Controversy

by Willard L. Boyd

From Being about Something to Being for Somebody: The Ongoing Transformation of the American Museum

by Stephen E. Weil

Museums as Institutions for Personal Learning

by John H. Falk

In Search of Relevance: Science Centers as Innovators in the Evolution of Museums

by Emlyn H. Koster

Formed and Forming: Contemporary Museum Architecture

by Susanna Sirefman

Is The Idea of a Museum Possible Today?

by Victoria Newhouse

Museums: An Alternate Typology

by Charles Correa

On the Museum of the Twenty-First Century: An Homage to Italo Calvinos Invisible Cities

by Bernard Tschumi/Bernard Tschumi Architects