An open access publication of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Winter 1999

Distinctively American: The Residential Liberal Arts College

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by Stephen Richards Graubard


by Steven Koblik

The Making of the Liberal Arts College Identity

by Hugh Hawkins

The Threats to Liberal Arts Colleges

by Paul Neely

The Future Economic Challenges for the Liberal Arts Colleges

by Michael S. McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro

How the Liberal Arts College Affects Students

by Alexander W. Astin

Affirmation and Adaptation: Values and the Elite Residential College

by Peter J. Gomes

The Currents of Democracy: The Role of Small Liberal Arts Colleges

by Geoffrey Canada

Distinctively American: The Liberal Arts College

by Eugene M. Lang

The American College as the Place for Liberal Learning

by Eva T. H. Brann

Generating Ideals and Transforming Lives: A Contemporary Case for the Residential Liberal Arts College

by Richard H. Hersh

Science at Liberal Arts Colleges: A Better Education?

by Thomas R. Cech

New Approaches to Science and Mathematics Teaching at Liberal Arts Colleges

by Priscilla W. Laws

Vortex, Clouds, and Tongue: New Problems in the Humanities?

by Christina Elliott Sorum

Reassessing Research: Liberal Arts Colleges and the Social Sciences

by Susan C. Bourque