Winter 2003

On International Justice

James Miller
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On International Justice

The challenge of global justice now 
by Anthony Lewis

Compassion & terror
by Martha C. Nussbaum

World governance: beyond utopia
by Stanley Hoffmann

What human rights mean
by Charles Beitz

The limits of idealism
by Jack Goldsmith & Stephen D. Krasner

Coercive justice
by Jean Bethke Elshtain

Atrocity & legalism
by Gary J. Bass

Everyday global governance
by Anne-Marie Slaughter

The case for a UN force 
by Carl Kaysen & George Rathjens

Poetry & Fiction

The Institute by John Hollander

Exchanges by Mary Morris


Wendy L. Freedman on the age of the universe 

Daniel C. Dennett on failures of freedom & the fear of science

Bonnie Costello on poetry & the idea of nature