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by Stephen R. Graubard

The Problems of Language

by Ein Ar Haugen

The Study of Language

by Morton Bloomfield

The Variety of Language

The Nature of Language

by William G. Moulton

Language Problems of Variation and Repertoire

by Charles Ferguson

The Curse of Babel

by Einar Haugen

On The Origins and Foundations of Inequality Among Speakers

by Dell Hymes

Linguistics and Anthropology

by Karl V. Teeter

Language and Its History

by Calvert Watkins

The Learning of Language

The Neurology of Language

by Eric H. Lenneberg

Problems for Education: Language as Curriculum Content and Learning Environment

by Courtney B. Cazden

Second Language Learning

by Peter Strevens

The Functions of Language

Do We Understand Sentences from the Outside-In or from the Inside-Out?

by Eric Wanner

Logic and Language

by Edward L. Keenan

The Problem of Linguistic Theory in Relation to Language Behavior: A Tribute and Reply to Paul Goodman

by D. Terence Langendoen

Language and Interpersonal Relationships

by David G. Hays

Automatic Translation of Natural Languages

by Martin Kay

The Role of Linguistics in a Theory of Poetry

by Paul Kiparsky

Nineteenth-century depiction of a Roman mosaic labyrinth, now lost, found in Villa di Diomede, Pompeii