An open access publication of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Winter 1992

A New Era in Computation

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by Stephen R. Graubard

What Is Massively Parallel Computing, and Why Is It Important?

by W. Daniel Hillis

Complex Adaptive Systems

by John H. Holland

Perspectives on Parallel Computing

by Yuefan Deng, James Glimm, and David H. Sharp

Parallel Billiards and Monster Systems

by Brosl Hasslacher

First We Reshape Our Computers, Then Our Computers Reshape Us: The Broader Intellectual Impact of Parallelism

by James Bailey 

Parallelism in Conscious Experience

by Robert Sokolowski 

Of Time, Intelligence, and Institutions

by Felix E. Browder 

Parallel Computing and Education

by Geoffrey C. Fox

The Age of Computing: A Personal Memoir

by N. Metropolis

What Should the Public Know about Mathematics?

by Philip J. Davis

Americas Economic-Technological Agenda for the 1990s

by Jacob T. Schwartz