Winter 2016

Edge Networks & Devices for the Internet of Things

Peter T. Kirstein

This paper considers how existing concepts underlying the development of the Internet are being strained in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). It also explores how the well-known and tried Domain Name Service concepts, which map hierarchic names to addresses, can be extended for the IoT. The extension greatly broadens the concept of name/address mapping to digital objects with identifier/attribute database mapping for physical objects, applications, and data. Finally, this essay discusses the properties of the identifier management systems, showing how scalability, security, and flexibility can be supported in the IoT.

PETER T. KIRSTEIN, a Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy since 2002, is Professor of Computer Systems at University College London. He is the author of Space-Charge Flow (1967) and has recently published articles in Sensors, Information Systems, and International Journal of Informatics Society.

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