Spring 2018

Indigenous Leadership

Gary Sandefur and Philip J. Deloria
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A short contextual overview of the past and present opens up a discussion of the challenges surrounding American Indian leadership in the contemporary world and into the future. We survey some of the literature on Native American leadership and consider leadership issues in institutional settings such as academia, tribal governments, pan/inter-Indian organizations, public interest and NGO groups, and global Indigenous structures, suggesting ways in which non-Native organizations can better recognize, respect, and partner with American Indian leaders.

GARY SANDEFUR is Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs and Professor of Sociology at Oklahoma State University. He is the author of Growing Up with a Single Parent: What Hurts, What Helps (with Sara McLanahan, 1994) and has published essays in such collections as Quality and Inequality in Education (ed. Japp Dronkers, 2010) and Key Indicators of Child and Youth Well-Being (ed. Brett Brown, 2008).

PHILIP J. DELORIA, a Fellow of the American Academy since 2015, is Professor of History at Harvard University. He is the author of American Studies: A User's Guide (with Alexander Olson, 2017), Indians in Unexpected Places (2004), and Playing Indian (1998) and editor of Blackwell Companion to Native American History (with Neal Salisbury, 2002).