Winter 2016

Reassembling Our Digital Selves

Deborah Estrin and Ari Juels

Digital applications and tools that capture and analyze consumer behaviors are proliferating at a bewildering rate. Analysis of data from large numbers of consumers is transforming advertising, generating new revenue streams for mobile apps, and leading to new discoveries in health care. In this paper, we consider a complementary perspective: the utility of these implicitly generated data streams to the consumer.

DEBORAH ESTRIN, a Fellow of the American Academy since 2007, is Professor of Computer Science at Cornell Tech and Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research at Weill Cornell Medical College. She is Founder of the Jacobs Institute Health Tech Hub and Cofounder of the nonprofit Open mHealth. Her recent publications include articles in Journal of Medical Internet Research, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, and ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology.

ARI JUELS is Professor at the Jacobs-Technion Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech. He has recently published articles in Journal of Cryptology, Communications of the ACM, and IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine.

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