Spring 2006

Unsent Dedication for Martin Heidegger

Peg Boyers

Peg Boyers is executive editor of “Salmagundi” and the author of a book of poetry, “Hard Bread” (2002). Her poetry has appeared in “The New Republic,” “The Paris Review,” and “Plougshares,” among others.

This is your book.


You know this and do not know.

My book, but yours.


I cover my tracks, your tracks,

but the forest wind blows the cover,


fickle dirt over the path,

our path:


those days in Marburg,

the nights.


Meetings in the clearing.



the light there in darkness, sudden as thought.

Your thought


the current that charges, my body

conducting the charge.




The touch that taught meaning. Taught light.


Your tongue in my mouth.

My hunger for that. Word and flesh.


Appetite that grew with feeding

still grows.


Black wood of yearning.

Compulsion for light. Lichtzwang.

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