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Home > Publications > Dædalus > What is the Brain Good For?
What is the Brain Good For?

Dædalus, Winter 2015

What is the Brain Good For?

Published by MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2015

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Table of Contents

Neuroscience: The Study of the Nervous System & Its Functions
 Fred H. Gage

Brain Mechanisms for Active Vision
 Robert H. Wurtz

 Thomas D. Albright

The Energetic Ear
 A. J. Hudspeth

 Larry R. Squire and John T. Wixted

Sleep, Memory & Brain Rhythms
 Brendon O. Watson and György Buzsáki

A Hard Scientific Quest: Understanding Voluntary Movements
 Emilio Bizzi and Robert Ajemian

Feelings: What Are They & How Does the Brain Make Them?
 Joseph E. LeDoux

Working Memory Capacity: Limits on the Bandwidth of Cognition
 Earl K. Miller and Timothy J. Buschman

 Terrence J. Sejnowski

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