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Winter 1988

Artificial Intelligence

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by Stephen R. Graubard

One AI or Many?

by Seymour Papert

Making a Mind Versus Modeling the Brain: Artificial Intelligence Back at a Branchpoint

by Hubert L. Dreyfus and Stuart E. Dreyfus

Natural and Artificial Intelligence

by Robert Sokolowski

Artificial Intelligence: An Apercu

by Pamela McCorduck

Neural Nets and Artificial Intelligence

by Jack D. Cowan and David H. Sharp

The New Connectionism: Developing Relationships Between Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence

by Jacob T. Schwartz

Real Brains and Artificial Intelligence

by George N. Reeke, Jr., and Gerald M. Edelman

Intelligence as an Emergent Behavior; or, The Songs of Eden

by W. Daniel Hillis

The Prospects for Building Truly Intelligent Machines

by David L. Waltz

Making Machines (and Artificial Intelligence)

by Anya Hurlbert and Tomaso Poggio

Artificial Intelligence and Psychoanalysis: A New Alliance

by Sherry Turkle

Much Ado About Not Very Much

by Hilary Putnam

When Philosophers Encounter Artificial Intelligence

by Daniel C. Dennett

Mathematical Logic in Artificial Intelligence

by John McCarthy