The Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship identified 31 recommendations grouped among six strategies to reinvent American democracy for the 21st century.

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Achieve Equality of Voice and Representation

Equal Representation

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Enlarge the House of Representatives
Ranked-Choice Voting
Multi-Member House Districts
Independent Redistricting Commissions
Pass an Amendment to Address Money in Politics
Campaign Finance Disclosure and Transparency
Clean Election Laws
18-Year Terms for Supreme Court Justices
Empowered Voters

Empowered Voters

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More and Easier Ways to Vote
Move Election Day to Veterans Day
Same-Day and Universal Voting Registration
Voting Preregistration for 16- and 17-Year-Olds
Universal Voting
Paid Voter Orientation
Restore Voting Rights to Citizens with Felony Convictions
Democratic Citizenship
Ensure the Responsiveness of Government Institutions

Responsive Government

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Make Public Meetings More Accessible
Make Congress More Responsive
Create Citizens’ Assemblies
Increase Participatory Governance
Dramatically Expand Civic Bridging Capacity

Connected Communities

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Create a National Trust for Civic Infrastructure
Support Civic Leaders
Build Civic Information Architecture that Supports Common Purpose

Social Media as Civic Media

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Assess Social Media’s Civic Value
Social Media as Public Media
Public-Interest Mandate for Social Media
Make Digital Platform Data Accessible
Improve Data on Democratic Engagement
Inspire a Culture of Commitment to American Constitutional Democracy and One Another

Culture of Shared Commitment

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Create a Universal Expectation of National Service
Telling Our Nation’s Story
Develop Civic Faith
Promote Our Common Purpose
Invest in Civic Education