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Humanities Indicators
Restoring the Foundation
Restoring the Foundation: The Vital Role of Research in Preserving the American Dream
Projects, Publications & Meetings, 2015-2016
Projects, Publications & Meetings, 2015–2016
Humanities and Higher Education 2015
State of the Humanities
The Heart of the Matter Around the Country
The Heart of the Matter Around the Country
Book of Members
Book of Members
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Project News & Activities

Recommendations from Restoring the Foundation presented during U.S. Senate hearing on leveraging the nation’s science and technology enterprise

The Global Nuclear Future Initiative releases new publication Governance of Dual-Use Technologies: Theory and Practice

The Lincoln Project report recommends strategies to sustain and strengthen public research universities

The Public Face of Science: new Academy initiative examines and addresses the complex relationship between scientists and the public

The Academy launches the Commission on Language Learning

American Innovation Imperative follows Restoring the Foundation report

Public Trust in Vaccines project calls for more research on parental decision-making on childhood vaccines

Restoring the Foundation: The Vital Role of Research in Preserving the American Dream

Academy Data Forum: Join the conversation

Recent Publications

Restoring the Foundation << Public Research Universities: Recommitting to Lincoln’s Vision—An Educational Compact for the 21st Century

The Global Nuclear Future Initiative examines governance structures of dual-use technologies

Spring 2016 Dædalus, “What’s New about the Old,” shares how recent developments in the study of the ancient world have dramatically altered our understanding of the past

The Lincoln Project looks at the ways in which public research universities serve the public good

The Heart of the Matter Around the Country details national discussion on the import of the humanities and social sciences in American life

"The Right of Independent Thought" by Jonathan Fanton in Maine Policy Review

The Humanities Indicators publishes The State of the Humanities: Higher Education 2015

Nuclear Liability: A Key Component of the Public Policy Decision to Deploy Nuclear Energy in Southeast Asia

Public Trust in Vaccines: Defining a Research Agenda

A Worst Practices Guide to Insider Threats

The Back-End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Establishing a Viable Roadmap for a Multilateral Interim Storage Facility

Winter 2016 Bulletin