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Report |
SEP 2020

Civil Justice for All

A new report highlights the challenges that low-income Americans face in achieving civil justice and recommendations for addressing the problem.
Making Justice Accessible: Designing Legal Services for the 21st Century
Report |
JUN 2020

Our Common Purpose

This publication is the final report of the bipartisan Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship. It includes 31 recommendations to strengthen America’s institutions and civic culture to help a nation in crisis emerge with a more resilient democracy.
Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship
Report |
FEB 2019

Encountering Science in America

This data-rich report highlights the range and diversity of opportunities for science-centered activities – from aquariums and zoos and science festivals to entertainment and news and social media – and provides insight into why people engage.
The Public Face of Science
Research Paper |
JAN 2019

Nuclear Weapons in a Changing Global Order

Essays investigate how changes and potential instability among nuclear weapons states are affecting the broader geopolitical landscape.
Authors Steven E. Miller, Robert Legvold, and Lawrence Freedman
Data Publication |
NOV 2018

The Humanities in Our Lives

An expanded series of one-pagers couple data about the humanities with profiles of innovative programs in the field, reflecting a holistic view of the humanities.
Humanities Indicators