The Academy is led by its members. The Board of Directors, Council, Trust, Governance Committees, and President are all members of the Academy. The leadership of the Academy is guided by the Academy Bylaws and informed by a Strategic Plan. The Academy’s Audited Financial Statements and Form 990s are available online.

The Board oversees the governance of the Academy and has fiduciary responsibility. The committees of the Board include an Executive Committee, Anti-Racism Committee, Audit Committee, Committee on Membership, Compensation Committee, Finance Committee, Institutional Policy Committee, Investment Committee, Nominating Committee, and Prize Committee. In addition to these committees, the Board is advised by two other governing bodies.

The Council advises the Board primarily on the academic work of the Academy, including studies and projects, publications, archives,  and other programmatic matters.  The Council provides oversight of the scholarly and policy research activities of the Academy and its publications; presents to the Board any proposed policies and strategies related to the academic studies, commissions, publications, and other programmatic initiatives of the Academy; reviews and recommends to the Board for their approval all academic studies and commissions undertaken in the name of the Academy; provides advice regarding the Academy’s publications, including Dædalus and such other reports and bulletins; and approves topics for issues of Dædalus.

The Trust advises advises the Board primarily on such matters as development, programmatic impact, and public relations; and may also be consulted on other matters such as studies and projects and regional activities, in support of the intellectual goals of the Academy.  The Trust provides oversight of the Academy’s fundraising activities; advises on and assesses the impact of the Academy’s projects and studies; formally evaluates the organization’s performance as it relates to its mission and goals; and advises the Board on strategies to enhance the organization’s standing and image with the Academy membership and the public.

Laurie L. Patton has been announced as the next President of the Academy, and her term begins January 2025. She follows David Oxtoby who served from 2019 through June 2024