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The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The American Academy is committed to the diversity of its staff and membership. As a scholarly organization and research center, the Academy recognizes that diversity of thought, class, experience, sex, gender, race, physical or mental ability, age, religion, national origin, and sexual orientation is a value to uphold and is central to the mission and work of the organization. A more pluralistic staff embracing diversity of thought, approach and life experience fosters a more nuanced understanding of contemporary issues facing the nation and the world. Working together in a climate of respect and openness models the civil discourse that is fundamental to the work of the Academy.

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Program Officer for Civil Justice

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences seeks a Program Officer to oversee the Academy’s efforts to advance the recommendations in Civil Justice for All, the final report of the Making Justice Accessible project. The Program Officer will work with project chairs to ensure the project recommendations are shared with a broad range of audiences, will regularly convene and support a project advisory committee, and will actively foster collaboration and information sharing between practitioners and other experts to advance innovations in the field of civil justice.

The Academy is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion and looks to all its staff members to foster and promote these values.

The position will report to the Program Director for American Institutions, Society and the Public Good. This will be a two-year contract with preferred proximity to the House of the Academy in Cambridge, MA or to the Academy's offices in Washington, DC office .

Cambridge, MA or Washington, DC preferred

The Raymond Frankel Nuclear Security Policy Fellow

As part of the Academy’s Global Security and International Affairs program area, The Raymond Frankel Nuclear Security Policy Fellowship   provides an opportunity for an early-career professional with training in security studies or nuclear policy to learn about a career in public policy and administration. While in residence, the Fellow works with senior scholars and policy experts on critical issues related to nuclear weapons, arms control, international relations, and conflict.

The Fellow will contribute to new and ongoing projects within the Academy’s Global Security and International Affairs program area. Building on the Academy’s history of work on arms control and nuclear issues dating back to 1958, current studies in the Global Security and International Affairs program area draw on the expertise of policy-makers, practitioners, and scholars to foster knowledge and inform innovative and sustainable policies to address critical issues affecting a global community.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Human Resources and Recruiting Coordinator

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences is one of the nation’s oldest and most prominent honorary societies and independent policy research centers.  The American Academy seeks a Human Resources and Recruiting Coordinator (HRRC) to coordinate full-cycle recruitment and onboarding, employee engagement, and special projects for the Human Resources Department.  The HRRC also provides daily administration for the Human Resources department, provides general office support, and may work on special projects for other departments.   

The Academy is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and looks to all its staff members to foster and promote its values. The HRRC will incorporate these values into their work to help develop an inclusive and welcoming workplace for all Academy staff.  The Human Resources and Recruiting Coordinator will play a key role in ensuring that all Academy staff, and by extension, the Academy, can meet its strategic goals and deliver excellent service to the Fellows and general public.  

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this position will operate remotely through January 1, 2022, after which the position will be a hybrid role with at least three days a week at the House of the Academy in Cambridge, MA.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences

External Relations Officer - Washington, D.C.

The External Relations Officer – Washington, DC will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing outreach and engagement with key audiences in the Washington, DC area, including Congress, the administration and federal agencies, and organizations and professional societies that share Academy goals.

The External Relations Officer – Washington, DC will support and advance the Academy’s efforts to increase visibility and impact with DC stakeholders, including outreach on behalf of projects and commissions from the Academy’s five program areas: American Institutions, Society, and the Public Good; Education and the Development of Knowledge; Global Security and International Affairs; The Humanities, Arts, and Culture; and Science, Engineering, and Technology.

Washington, D.C.

Program Director for Education

With guidance from the Chief Program Officer (CPO), the Program Director for Education will work with Academy Fellows and senior staff to develop and carry out policy and research initiatives related to the areas within their portfolio. The Program Director has direct responsibility to steward and grow a select portfolio of projects and supervises Academy staff who may manage a subset of programs or initiatives within their designated area.

The Program Director will build a meaningful and robust portfolio of project work focused on education and especially higher education policy, develop new projects, provide leadership for the Academy’s university affiliates program, and foster partnerships that build on the Academy’s strengths, visibility, and impact in this area.

The Program Director helps to articulate the intellectual direction of their area(s) in full collaboration with the CPO, program advisory committees, and in consultation with the President and the Academy’s Governance Bodies. The Program Director is expected to articulate the programmatic priorities of the areas and identify and pursue opportunities for strategic partnership with a wide range of institutions to advance scholarship, knowledge, and policy solutions in this domain. The Program Director also works closely with the CPO and other Program Directors to help develop the strategic direction and best practices of the Programs area.

The Program Director upholds and advances the mission and values of the American Academy and strives to maintain excellence in its programmatic work to advance the common good. The Academy is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion and looks to all its staff members to foster and promote its values.  

Due to COVID-19, the Academy is currently operating remotely through July 2021, after which time, the position will be based at the Academy’s headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, MA