The Back-End of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle: Establishing a Viable Roadmap for a Multilateral Interim Storage Facility

Summary of Costs Related to Establishing and Operating a Regional Spent-Fuel Storage Facility

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Robert Rosner, Lenka Kollar, and James P. Malone
Global Nuclear Future
Initial Expenses
Infrastructure Improvements
Harbor, including Docks $20,000,000
Cranes $20,000,000
Rail Head Facility $20,000,000
Road Improvements $20,000,000
Rails and Roadbed $150,000,000
Infrastructure Total $230,000,000
Storage Facility Expenses
Transport Overpacks $80,000,000
Facility Design $1,000,000
Building Construction $10,000,000
Transfer System $5,000,000
Equipment $5,000,000
Initial Storage Pad $10,000,000
Storage Facility Expense Total $111,000,000
Operating Expenses
Security, Administration, and Maintenance Personnel $20,000,000
Operating Expense Total $20,000,000
Transportation from Utility to Storage Facility
Transport Ship Cost per Trip $1,850,000
Fuel Container Cost per Trip $20,000,000
Total Cost per Trip $21,850,000
Two Trips per Year Total $43,700,000