ARISE I: Checklist for Action

Recommendations to: 

Federal Agencies 

  • Create Targeted Grant Programs for Early-Career Faculty
  • Create Seed Funding Programs for Early-Career Faculty
  • Pay Special Attention to Early-Career Faculty in Regular Grant Programs
  • Develop Supportive Polices for Primary Caregivers
  • Explore Targeted Grant Mechanisms and Policies to Foster Potentially Transformative Research
  • Adopt Funding Mechanisms and Policies That Nurture Transformative Research in All Award Programs
  • Strengthen Grant Review Processes
  • Invest in Program Officers
  • Establish New Programs Only if They Have Critical Mass
  • Track Demographics on a Government-Wide Basis


  • Actively Mentor Early-Career Scientists
  • Create Seed Funding Programs for Early-Career Faculty
  • Reconsider Promotion and Tenure Policies
  • Address the Needs of Primary Caregivers and Childbearing Needs
  • Accept Institutional Responsibility for a Greater Portion of Faculty Salaries
  • In Building New Facilities, Shoulder a Larger Share of the Financial Cost
  • Spread the Wealth: Ensure a Greater Number of New Investigators by Capping the Number of Start-up and First Awards to a Single Individual