Winter 2024 Bulletin

The Minerva Society

The Minerva Society

Planned Giving

A statue of Minerva stands among columns in a well-lit hall. The statue wears a helmet and dress, and holds a spear.
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The Minerva Society was established in 2022 to honor members who have provided for the future of the Academy through their estate or other planned gift. If you have already created a planned gift to benefit the Academy, or would like to explore making one, we invite you to join the Minerva Society today. For more information, please contact Kara Stepanian at 617-576-5016 or by email at

Minerva Society Members

Joanne Berger-Sweeney

Louise H. Bryson and John E. Bryson

Mabel Cabot

Alan M. Dachs

Mathea Falco

John G. Hildebrand and Gail D. Burd

Mary P. McPherson

Gilbert S. Omenn and Martha Darling

David W. Oxtoby and Claire Oxtoby

John W. Rogers, Jr.

James A. Stimson and Dianne Stimson