Winter 2024 Bulletin

Recent Member Events

Samuel Moyn sits in front of a microphone. He wears a sweater, collared shirt, and glasses. Moeshe Halbertal sits in the background and watches him talk.
Photo by Daniel Vieira (Yale University).

Samuel Moyn (Yale University) and Moeshe Halbertal (New York University School of Law and Hebrew University of Jerusalem) in conversation at a luncheon discussion held at Yale University on October 16, 2023. The event, cohosted by the Academy’s New Haven Program Committee and Yale’s MacMillan Center, was initially organized to consider the implications of potential reforms to the Israeli judiciary. The scope of the program was expanded in the wake of the October 7 terrorist attack. Isabela Mares (Yale University), cochair of the New Haven Program Committee, moderated the conversation.


Barbara Tversky stands among seated attendees at event for the final report from the Commission on Reimaging Our Economy. Tversky holds a microphone and smiles. She has curly brown hair and pale skin. She wears glasses and a pumpkin-colored sweater.
Photo by Jeff Weiner.

Barbara Tversky (Columbia University) poses a question to the cochairs of the Commission on Reimagining Our Economy during an event to preview the Commission’s final report, held on October 18, 2023, at the Yale Club of New York.


Christine David, Kevin Young, and Cynthia Chavez Lamar face the viewer in a group shot. They smile and are dressed in cocktail attire. Behind them is an event room filled with other attendees at the launch of the final report of the Commission on Accelerating Climate Action.
Photo by Noah Willman.

Christine Davis (Smithsonian American Art Museum), Kevin Young (Smithsonian Institution), and Cynthia Chavez Lamar (Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian) at the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C., on October 23, 2023, to celebrate the launch of the final report of the Commission on Accelerating Climate Action.


Hao Wu reads a description of museum art. Wu has long, dark hair and pale skin. She wears a black sweater with beige trim and a colorful necklace.
Photo by Bethany Versoy.

Hao Wu (Harvard Medical School) enjoys the galleries of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) on November 15, 2023, during a reception for Academy members, hosted by museum director Jill Medvedow.


Four musicians sit in a semi-circle onstage facing music stands and sheet music. They are dressed in formal attire and play violas, violons, and violoncellos for a small audience.
Photo by Martha Stewart Photography.

Angela Bae, Justin DeFilippis, Russell Houston, and Benjamin Zannoni of the Balourdet Quartet perform Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 13 in B flat major, Op. 130 at the House of the Academy on December 14, 2023.