Winter 2024 Bulletin

Select Upcoming Events

February 13

University of California, San Diego and Online 
Inspiring Collective Climate Action in California and Beyond 
Featuring David Victor (University of California, San Diego)

February 15

House of the Academy, Cambridge, MA 
A Conversation on Seeing Others 
with Michèle Lamont (Harvard University)

March 3

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA 
Los Angeles Arts and Culture 
Morton L. Mandel Conversation

A group of visitors at the Getty Center in Los Angeles, California listen to a presentation at the art museum.
Photo by Michael DeStefano.


March 18

Rice University, Houston, TX 
Building a Broad and Durable Coalition for Climate Action

March 19

Austin, TX 
Austin Members’ Gathering

March 20

University of Chicago and Online 
Anti-Globalism’s Past and Present 
Jonathan F. Fanton Lecture 
Featuring Tara Zahra (University of Chicago)

March 26

Yale University, New Haven, CT 
Amory Prize Presentation to Haifan Lin

A headshot of Francis Amory Prize recipient Haifan Lin, a person with short, dark hair and pale skin. Lin wears a dark blue blazer and striped dress shirt, while smiling at the viewer.

April 18

House of the Academy, Cambridge, MA and Online 
Don M. Randel Award Presentation to Anthony Appiah

A headshot of Don M. Randel Award recipient Anthony Appiah, a person with short, dark hair and brown skin. Appiah wears a dark blue blazer and white dress shirt, with a blurry skyline view behind him.