Honoring Charles L. Bennett with the Rumford Prize

Feb 10, 2022 |
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The American Academy honored Charles L. Bennett with the Rumford Prize for his contributions to the field of cosmology. (The press release announcing his award is here.) 

Dr. Bennett (Johns Hopkins University) is a pioneering astrophysicist credited with advancing our knowledge of the universe. His major field of research is experimental cosmology, in which he has contributed to establishing, testing, and extending a standard model of cosmology. He is known for his work as Principal Investigator for NASA’s Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe mission, commonly known as WMAP, in which he and the WMAP team made groundbreaking discoveries about the age, content, and history of the universe.

The virtual program included remarks by Academy President David Oxtoby, theoretical physicist Marc Kamionkowski, astronaut and scientist Kathryn D. Sullivan, and a talk by Dr. Bennett.