Does Meritocracy Destroy the Common Good?

Aug 24, 2020 |
Zoom Videoconferencing
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In his forthcoming book The Tyranny of Merit, Michael Sandel argues that the divide between winners and losers has poisoned our politics and pulled us apart. The problem, he argues, is not that we have failed to live up to the meritocratic ideals we profess, but that a meritocratic society is a flawed aspiration. It produces hubris among the successful and humiliation among those left behind.  At a time when democracy is in peril, this first virtual Stated Meeting in the history of the Academy will explore the discontents that roil our politics and consider the prospects for a new politics of the common good.

Please register to participate via Zoom. A link and instructions for logging into the discussion will be sent via email two days before the event. 

The conversation will be recorded and posted online.