Finding a Shared Historical Narrative

May 13, 2021 |
Zoom Videoconferencing
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Part of the Kluge Prize Series from the Library of Congress, this event features a discussion of the nation’s founding documents and the principles they were founded upon. The Kluge Prize was awarded to Danielle Allen (Safra Center for Ethics, Harvard University) who cochaired the Academy's bipartisan Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship that produced the report Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century

On May 13, panelists will explore the tension between celebrating what is good about the U.S. and its history while addressing the exploitation and inequality that are also part of the American legacy.

This is the third and final event in the Kluge series, entitled “Our Common Purpose—A Campaign for Civic Strength at the Library of Congress.” Each event will examine the implications and implementation of recommendations from Our Common Purpose. Events also include Using Civic Media to Build A Better Society on March 11th and How Political Institutions Shape Outcomes and How We Might Reform Them on April 15th. 

Image is from "Our Common Purpose” featuring the Juneteenth flag with one star. Artist: Rodrigo Corral.