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2023 Induction Class Speakers


The new members of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences marked their induction with a series of events, including compelling talks from new members of each of the Academy's five areas of focus.

Maja J. Matarić (Class I – Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
Abraham C. Verghese (Class II – Biological Sciences)
Kerwin K. Charles (Class III – Social and Behavioral Sciences)
Oskar Eustis (Class IV – Humanities and Arts)
Katharine Hayhoe (Class V – Leadership, Policy, and Communications)

See videos of the speakers below:

Maja J. Matarić, computer scientist
Introduced by Joseph S. Francisco
Abraham C. Verghese, physician and author
Introduced by Natasha Trethewey
Kerwin K. Charles, economist and dean
Introduced by Marcelo Suárez-Orozco


Oskar Eustis, artistic director
Introduced by Susan R. Wolf
Katharine Hayhoe, atmospheric scientist
Introduced by Antonia Hernandez