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Global Connections: Emerging Science Partners (2021)

The Case for Enlarging the House of Representatives, Lee Drutman, Jonathan D. Cohen, Yuval Levin, and Norman Ornstein (2021)

State of the Humanities 2021: Workforce & Beyond (2021)

Art Is Work: Policies to Support Creative Workers (2021)

Art for Life’s Sake: The Case for Arts Education (2021)

Measuring Civil Justice for All: What Do We Know? What Do We Need to Know? How Can We Know It? (2021)

Nuclear Perils in a New Era: Bringing Perspective to the Nuclear Choices Facing Russia and the United States, Steven E. Miller and Alexey Arbatov (2021)

“Good Enough” Governance: Humility and the Limits of Foreign Intervention in Response to Civil Wars and Intrastate Violence, Karl Eikenberry and Stephen D. Krasner (2021)

“Water Security in Africa in the Age of Global Climate Change,” Dædalus, edited by Allen Isaacman, Muchaparara Musemwa, and Harry Verhoeven (2021)

“The Administrative State in the Twenty-First Century: Deconstruction and/or Reconstruction,” Dædalus, edited by Mark Tushnet (2021)

“Immigration, Nativism & Race in the United States,” Dædalus, edited by Douglas S. Massey (2021)

“On the Novel,” Dædalus, edited by Michael Wood (2021)

Bold Ambition: International Large-Scale Science (2021)

America and the International Future of Science (2020)

The Humanities in American Life: Insights from a Survey of the Public’s Attitudes and Engagement (2020)

Home with the Humanities: American Engagement During the Pandemic (2020)

The State of the Humanities in Four-Year Colleges and Universities: A Summary of Findings (2020)

The Perils of Complacency: America at a Tipping Point in Science & Engineering (2020)

Civil Justice for All (2020)

The Public Face of Science in America: Priorities for the Future (2020)

Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century (2020)

“Witnessing Climate Change,” Dædalus, edited by Nancy L. Rosenblum (2020)

“Religion & Democracy,” Dædalus, edited by Robert Audi (2020)

“Meeting the Challenges of a New Nuclear Age,” Dædalus, edited by Robert Legvold and Christopher Chyba (2020)

“Women & Equality,” Dædalus, edited by Nannerl O. Keohane and Frances McCall Rosenbluth (2020)

The Political and Civic Engagement of Immigrants, Caroline Brettell (2020)

The Data Driving Democracy, Christina Couch (2020)

Contemplating Strategic Stability in a New Multipolar Nuclear World, Robert Legvold (2019)

The Internet and Engaged Citizenship, David Karpf (2019)

The Public Face of Science Across the World: Optimism and Innovation in an Era of Reservations and Inequality, Matthew C. Nisbet and Erik C. Nisbet (2019)

Science During Crisis: Best Practices, Research Needs, and Policy Priorities, Rita R. Colwell and Gary E. Machlis (2019)

Lessons from the Clean Air Act: Building Durability and Adaptability into U.S. Climate and Energy Policy, edited by Ann Carlson and Dallas Burtraw (2019)

“Improving Teaching: Strengthening the College Learning Experience,” Dædalus, edited by Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson (2019)

“Inequality as a Multidimensional Process,” Dædalus, edited by Michèle Lamont and Paul Pierson (2019)

“Why Jazz Still Matters,” Dædalus, edited by Gerald Early and Ingrid Monson (2019)

“Access to Justice,” Dædalus, edited by Lincoln Caplan, Lance Liebman, and Rebecca Sandefur (2019)

Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age: Nuclear Weapons in a Changing Global Order, Steven E. Miller, Robert Legvold, and Lawrence Freedman (2019)

The Humanities in Our Lives (2019)

Encountering Science in America (2019)

Perceptions of Science in America (2018)

Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age: Emerging Risks and Declining Norms in the Age of Technological Innovation and Changing Nuclear Doctrines, Nina Tannenwald and James M. Acton; with an Introduction by Jane Vaynman (2018)

Meeting the Challenges of the New Nuclear Age: U.S. and Russian Nuclear Concepts, Past and Present, Linton Brooks, Francis J. Gavin, and Alexei Arbatov (2018)

The State of the Humanities 2018: Graduates in the Workforce & Beyond (2018)

“Science & the Legal System,” Dædalus, edited by Shari Seidman Diamond and Richard O. Lempert (2018)

“Anticorruption: How to Beat Back Political & Corporate Graft,” Dædalus, edited by Robert I. Rotberg (2018)

“Unfolding Futures: Indigenous Ways of Knowing for the Twenty-First Century,” Dædalus, edited by Philip J. Deloria, K. Tsianina Lomawaima, Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, Mark N. Trahant, Loren Ghiglione, Douglas Medin, and Ned Blackhawk (2018)

“Ending Civil Wars: Constraints & Possibilities,” Dædalus, edited by Karl Eikenberry and Stephen D. Krasner (2018)

The Future of Undergraduate Education, The Future of America (2017)

Policies and Practices to Support Improving Undergraduate Teaching, Aaron Pallas, Anna Neumann, and Corbin Campbell (2017)

The Economic Impact of Increasing College Completion, Sophia Koropeckyj, Chris Lafakis, and Adam Ozimek, Moody’s Analytics (2017)

Undergraduate Financial Aid in the United States, Judith Scott-Clayton (2017)

The Complex Universe of Alternative Postsecondary Credentials and Pathways, Jessie Brown and Martin Kurzweil, Ithaka S+R (2017)