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The Ambitious Plan To Save Democracy

Moderate Party (podcast)

Our democracy isn’t going to save itself. If we want things to get better we have to roll up our sleeves and make them better. On this week’s episode of ModPod, Hillari sits down with Carolyn Lukensmeyer to talk through the ambitious plan to save our democracy and what each one of us has to do to make it happen.

This conversation centers around a report published by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Commission of the Practice of Democratic Citizenship. The report, titled “Our Common Purpose: Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century,” outlines six strategies for democratic reform and repair. This episode covers a wide array of topics including Voter Reform, Expanding the House of Representatives, the January 6th Attack, Unity, and The Story of America.

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Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship

Danielle Allen, Stephen B. Heintz, and Eric P. Liu