Press Release

New Daedalus Issue about Creating a New Moral Political Economy


Capitalist democracy needs rethinking and renewal. Our current political economic framework—fixated on GDP, individual achievement, and short-term profit—has failed to ensure the flourishing of all. It has irreversibly changed Earth’s ecology and caused existential climate crises; it has reinforced systemic racism; and it has alienated us from our institutions and each other. We know it doesn’t need to be this way, but what are the alternatives?  How can we reconfigure our systems to secure economic well-being for all, as well as a sense of community, meaningful work, and joy? And what steps must we take to ensure our new approaches are (and will remain) sustainable?

The Winter 2023 issue of Dædalus on “Creating a New Moral Political Economy,” guest edited by Margaret Levi and Henry Farrell, offers a range of ideas to combat unequal footing across the polity, marketplace, and workplace. By asking us to rethink the collective goals of a society and its means of gauging success, the contributors spark a new discourse that places the health and well-being of the people on par with the wealth of nations. Across eleven main essays and twenty-two responses, the authors commit to social movements that prioritize collective, equitable, and respectful responsibility for care of the earth and its people.

All essays and responses are online.

Contents: Essays and Responses

Mobilizing in the Interest of Others
Margaret Levi & Zachary Ugolnik

Foundations of an Expanded Community of Fate
Samuel Bowles & Wendy Carlin

Reimagining Political Economy Without “Yanking on a Thread before It’s Ready”
Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar


Governance for Human Social Flourishing
Jenna Bednar

All (Cautiously) Hail–and Scale–Community!
Prerna Singh

Power to Pursue Happiness
Joseph Kennedy III


Caregiving in Philosophy, Biology & Political Economy
Alison Gopnik

Care Is a Relationship
Anne-Marie Slaughter

Egalitarian Pluralism
Steven M. Teles


Biophilic Institutions: Building New Solidarities between the Economy & Nature
Natasha Iskander & Nichola Lowe

Biophilic Markets
Eric D. Beinhocker

Biophilia & Military Degrowth
Julie Livingston


Making Decent Jobs
John S. Ahlquist

Eudaimonic Jobs
Suresh Naidu

Mutual Aid as Spiritual Sustenance
Michelle Miller


Supply Chains & Working Conditions During the Long Pandemic: Lessons for a New Moral Political Economy?
Richard M. Locke, Ben Armstrong, Samantha Schaab-Rozbicki & Geordie Young

Doing Well by Doing Right
Joshua Cohen

Unchaining Workers
R. Alta Charo


Identity Group Stratification, Political Economy & Inclusive Economic Rights
Grieve Chelwa, Darrick Hamilton & Avi Green

Reducing the Transactional Value of Identity & Race
Henry Farrell & Margaret Levi

Neoliberal Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for (Some) Economists to Talk about Racism
Manuel Pastor


Democracy & “Noxious” Markets
Debra Satz

Is There a Proper Scope for Markets?
Marc Fleurbaey

How Should We Govern Housing Markets in a Moral Political Economy?
Chloe Thurston


Moral Firms?
Rebecca Henderson

Are Moral Firms Committed Firms?
Colin Mayer

Can Firms Act Morally?
Margaret O’Mara


The Moral Economy of High-Tech Modernism
Henry Farrell & Marion Fourcade

The Structuring Work of Algorithms
danah boyd

High-Tech Modernism: Limits & Extensions
William H. Janeway


Governance Archaeology: Research as Ancestry
Federica Carugati & Nathan Schneider

Taking Responsibility for Tomorrow: Remaking Collective Governance as Political Ancestors
Lily L. Tsai

In Search of Ontologies of Entanglement
Ann Pendleton-Jullian & John Seely Brown