Spring 2021 Bulletin

Ways to Engage with the Academy

There are several ways members may be involved in the life and work of the Academy.

Participate in the Member Election Process
Members may submit nominations, vote for candidates, and serve on selection panels.

Contribute to Dædalus
Each issue of the Academy’s journal, Dædalus, explores a theme from a multidisciplinary perspec­tive in essays written by Academy members and other experts. Members are encouraged to propose topics for issues of Dædalus. 

Share the Academy’s Work
Members play a vital role in disseminating the Academy’s work to policy-makers; the media; leaders in higher education, nonprofits, business, and philanthropy; scholars; and students. 

Stay in Touch on Social Media
The Academy shares news, events, and updates on Facebook and Twitter. Follow, tag, and retweet to stay up to date and help promote the Academy’s work.

Connect Locally
A national network of Local Program Committees and Representatives provides opportunities for members to connect with the work of the Acad­emy and with each other in the communities where they live. 

Write About Your Work
The “On the Professions” section in the Academy’s magazine, The Bulletin, provides space for mem­bers to share their work and to talk about new developments in their fields. 

Attend an Event
The Academy holds events around the country and the globe, and during the COVID-19 pandemic these events have been held virtually. These gatherings bring together members and others in their communities to explore important topics through an interdisciplinary lens that draws on the Academy’s breadth and expertise.

For more information about becoming involved, please contact Laurie McDonough, Morton L. Mandel Director of Membership Engagement, at lmcdonough@amacad.org.