Benjamin Weiss

Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mathematician; Educator
Mathematical and Physical Sciences
Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics
International Honorary Member


Professor Benjamin Weiss is the Miriam and Julius Vinik Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research has covered many areas ranging from probability theory to ergodic theory, topological dynamics and dynamical systems in general. He has also been a pioneer in applying the methods and results of abstract dynamical systems to combinatorics, number theory, and information theory. In the other direction he has been a pioneer in applying descriptive set theory to settling questions in ergodic theory. He has made fundamental contributions to the isomorphism theory and orbit equivalence to of ergodic systems, the study of statistical properties of chaotic systems, entropy theory, and actions of locally compact amenable groups and sofic groups. He is also a pioneer in the theory of both measurable and topological actions of Polish groups and their connections with set theory. He was a visiting professor at Stanford University and at IBM Research.


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