Bill McKibben

Middlebury College
Journalist; Writer (essayist, novelist); Environmentalist; Educator
Humanities and Arts

Bill McKibben is an American writer who gives us the news of environmental issues with brilliant research and passion. Starting with The End of Nature (1989), he has devoted the major arguments of his work to dangerous environmental policies. His essay in The New York Review of Books Heavy Weather in Copenhagen is an attempt to reach an audience composed of the scientific and political communities and the general public. With his book, Eaarth (2010), he does more than update global warming issues. A writer and environmental scholar, he reaches an audience worldwide on the problems we face for survival. He is a cofounder and organizer of, an organization that is raising awareness regarding the climate crisis. In 2011-12 he led the environmental campaign against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline project – one of the largest civil disobedience actions in recent American history. He holds honorary degrees from over fifteen schools and received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1993. McKibben is a member of the Methodist Church. 

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